About the Photos...

Man vs Nature

This series depicts functional objects created by man facing an inevitable destruction at the hands of nature. Man continuously struggles to replace chaos with structure while nature repeatedly fights for its return. The result is an ongoing futile war. Exploring this subject through these images is an opportunity to embrace that which is natural within us and in the world around us, yet improperly labeled disorderly and undesirable by society.

Ageless Spirits

In an age where religions are beleagured by

scientific knowledge , escalating violence and mass skepticism; Ageless Spirits peacefully live amongst us carrying on timeless traditions. These images document both new and frayed connections that preserve the concept of community in an individualistic society.

Isaura: A Life in Focus

The photos on display here represent the integration of documentary photography into life coaching. Artistically marrying the two fields can facilitate a self-awareness that embraces the beauty, truth, and grace of all our emotions- joyous and painful. This photo documentary is an intimate exploration into capturing such grace. It is a peek into one woman’s life and her intentional process of exploring her deepest self.

Healing Artists

Where art marries science is the setting for these images. Depicted here are artists whose creative work results in the healing of others.

Where Loneliness and Beauty Conspire

Captured in Australia, the images in this portfolio teach a different lesson about the beauty of nature. They speak to the yearning that accompanies absence. In this photo essay one is asked to explore peace that is inherent despite tugging feelings of absence.

To Love

This series is a tribute to that which elusively defies words. It is the single feeling that understands all emotions. When we hold love and recognize every emotion as a messenger with a purpose, we listen to ourselves and personify authenticity.